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Children's Dance Classes

Stretching children's imagination
Dance, drama & singing - discover the magic of performance
Dance training is of great value to an individual whether or not a career path is anticipated. Dance is an excellent form of creative self-expression, stimulating the mind and the imagination. It is a joyful activity that lifts the spirit.

For this reason children's dance classes are a vital part of Stagecoach's curriculum and all students in the main schools take an hour's dance class each week.

Many kids dance classes stand alone and this is a viable activity in its own right. In fact many young students attend a kids dance class in addition to Stagecoach. This is to be recommended if a child has ambitions for a career in dance.

However for a career in musical theatre the other elements of acting and singing are an essential part of a child's training. Stagecoach fulfils this requirement to the letter.

Youngsters can enrol at Stagecoach from the age of 4. At this age they join an "Early Stages" class. This provides 30 minutes of children's dance classes as well as 60 minutes of drama and singing. Starting at this early age is hugely beneficial and is one of the reasons why Stagecoach Early Stages classes are so well supported throughout the world.

Children benefit from a Kids Dance Class because:

  • It engenders self-control, giving students a vital discipline for life
  • It gives a sense of self-worth and achievement
  • It encourages good posture, balance, co-ordination and spatial awareness
  • It strengthens the heart muscles, aids good circulation and enhances muscle tone
  • It exposes students to music, so developing musicality, a general awareness of music and a breath of repertoire for dance
  • It encourages good team work, developing emotional and physical sensitivity towards others.
  • It encourages students to feel at home in, and comfortable with their own bodies.
  • It is an excellent form of exercise and it is FUN!

It is not surprising therefore that kids dance classes are so popular and well attended throughout the world.

Further more it is refreshing to recognise that, more and more, boys are electing to dance. The advent of street dance and break dancing has made it acceptable for young boys to indulge in a form of dance and the film Billy Elliot has justified boys learning ballet. It is also encouraging to see that more and more kids dance classes are being set up especially for boys. Stagecoach offers a kids dance class exclusively for boys in both Walton (ballet) and Darlington (ballet and street).

Stagecoach dance tuition does not typically include ballet or tap but aside from these a varied programme of dance styles are included in the year's work. In addition to modern jazz and street dance, students attempt dance from other nationalities as well as styles from years gone by. In addition time is spent inviting students' own creative experimentation.

Children's dance classes provide a stimulating and enjoyable extra-curricular activity. Combined with classes in acting and singing a child can reap a rich and lasting benefit. Stagecoach - Training for Life
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