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School News

School News
Pirate Fairies???
Do we have the 5 faces of the Disney Pirate Fairy video at Ascot school? We really think so!
5 Ascot students are furiously practising the choreography ahead of their filmed auditions at the the end of March. They have to learn a 1 minute set piece from the dance to 'Who I Am', the title song from Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy. Lucy our dance teacher will be on hand to coach them and we have all our fingers and toes crossed for them! Good luck girls!!!!
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Students put forward for Disney's Pirate Fairy Video!
5 Ascot students are limbering up for a dance video for Disney's Pirate Fairy.
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Her Majesty's Theatre
Stagecoach Ascot took to the West End stage again!!!
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Bring a Friend Day - Always a Pleasure!!
Ascot students were delighted to have the rare treat of sharing their classes with a friend for the day.
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LAMDA Examinations
Congratulations to our students who took their LAMDA exams last term. Another set of impressive results has just come through; but more importantly than that, my how you've all grown!
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Ascot students in Jubilee celebrations!
Stagecoach Ascot students wowed an audience of over two thousand when they performed as part of the Queen's Jubilee celebrations.
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Independent Inspections
At Ascot school we are really proud of our independent inspection reports form Harding Associates. Here are some of the comments from our latest ones...
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'Discovery Session'
Stagecoach 'Discovery Sessions' are where 6-18 year olds are given the chance to try Stagecoach.
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Young Performer Magazine
The latest issue of Young Performer magazine is hot off the press.
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Matilda auditions await
Students are over the moon at the news of upcoming auditions for Matilda the Musical.
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The Forest Awaits!
Great news for one of our youngest students who has been cast in a short film.
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